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These pictures were taken with the new Fuji X-E1 and XF 18-55 OIS kit lens at Fuji's photokina 2012 booth. They are primarily intended as a high ISO test series, covering ISO 200-6400, than as a lens test. Excellent quality for in-camera JPEG processing, both regarding colors and noise - which is probably no news to Fuji X-Pro1 owners.

The lens is used at 35mm and between f4 and f6.3. Lens sharpness is nearly impossible to judge under such conditions, as not all the contents is in the focal plane, and there is no good edge detail for analysis. But the center detail looks sharp, and the bokeh looks quite nice.

The camera was fun to handle, with an excellent EVF, and medium-speed but sure looking autofocus.

Disclaimer: This is shot with a show model on the booth floor, hand held. The exact status of the camera and lens (i.e. preproduction or series) is unknown, and the shooting conditions are inconsistent (e.g. the exact focus points might slightly differ between the pictures). It is impossible to reasonably judge the lens performance from these pictures.

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